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Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha receives the newly appointed Vietnamese Ambassadors


On July 31, at the headquarter of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha had a meeting with the delegation of the newly appointed Vietnamese Ambassadors and Heads of the Vietnam Representative Agencies led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dang Minh Khoi. Attending the meeting were Leadership representatives from the units under the MOLISA: Ministry's Office, Department of Social Insurance, Department of International Coooperation, Department of Overseas Labour, Department of Employment, Department of Child Affairs, Directorate of Vocational Education.  

Congratulations on the new appointed Ambassadors, Heads of the Vietnamese representative agencies, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha highly appreciated the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the MOLISA on all fields last time.
She said that MOLISA was the Governmental agency performing the State management functions in the fields of employment, vocational education and training, labour, wages, social insurance, work safety, people with meritorious services, and social protection, child protection and care, gender equality, prevention and combat of social evils nationwide; State management of public services in the sectors and fields under its management.
In 2020, the Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs sector have set a target to create jobs for 1,610,000 people, focusing to train high quality human resources; new vocational training for 2.26 million people; reducing  the rate of poor households from 1 to 1.5 percent and also fully implementing the benefits for people with meritorious services, social protection beneficiaries, children, trafficking victims...
Regarding the situation of international cooperation, in recent years, the MOLISA has cooperated to approve nearly 200 Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding with more than 40 countries and territories, nearly 20 international and regional organizations, more than 40 foreign non-governmental organizations.
In Asia alone, the MOLISA cooperates with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. In the European region, it has relations with: Russian Federation, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the European Union (EU), Hungary and Croatia, Slovakia. It also cooperates with Astralia, Chile, Mexico, Kuaiit, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
For other countries, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha proposed new Ambassadors, Consul General to provide information on the labour market, promote the image of Vietnamese workers, introduce cooperation projects on labour export…
She hoped that in the coming time, in the new position, the Vietnamese Ambassadors and Heads of the Vietnam Representative Agencies continue to work closely with the MOLISA to to send Vietnamese people to work overseas under contracts.
Addressing the warm welcome from MOLISA leaders, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dang Minh Khoi affirmed the importance of the MoLISA in working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially  on enhancing communication to raise workers' awareness when going to work abroad.