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SOS Children's Village Hanoi honored to receive the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister


On January 12, in Hanoi, SOS Children's Village Hanoi celebrated the 30th anniversary of establishment and received the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit. Attending the event were Deputy Minister of Labour -Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Ha, President of SOS Children's Village Vietnam; Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang Former Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, Former Chairman of SOS Children's Villages Vietnam; Mr. Helmut Kutin, Honorary Chairman of SOS Children's Villages International; Mr. Thomas Schuller - Goeztburg, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria to Vietnam; Ms. Le Minh Giang, Director of SOS Children's Village Vietnam, Mr. Hoang Thanh Thai, Deputy Director of Hanoi Municipal Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs; together with representatives of the concerned local agencies, the staff, mothers, aunts and children who have been nurtured and matured generations of SOS Children's Village Hanoi, representatives of businesses, benefactors have been accompanying SOS Children's Village Hanoi.

SOS Children's Village Hanoi was established by Decision No. 3286 / QD-UBND, July 14, 1988 of the Hanoi People's Committee. In early September 1989, the first 53 children were received and raised in the Village with 16 family houses. On 25/01/1999 SOS Children's Village Hanoi officially inaugurated the ribbon. In addition to caring for children who are well educated in culture, SOS Children's Village Hanoi focuses on training, fostering and developing individual talent. The village regularly organizes gifted classes and clubs, enabling them to develop their talents and develop comprehensively. Many children have won high prizes in painting competitions such as painting, chess,... and children's football tournaments between SOS Children's Villages nationwide.

During 30 years of operation, SOS Children's Village Hanoi has grown rapidly, becoming the village with the number of beneficiary children at the top of SOS Children's Villages in the country and has really become a news address. trust with many unhappy lives.
 By the end of December 2019, SOS Children's Village Hanoi has been taking care of and nurturing over 500 children with special circumstances; in which more than 300 children have grown up and led an independent life; 222 children are being cared for and brought up directly at the hands of mothers, aunts, staff and Village Leaders.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Helmut Kutin, Honorary President of SOS Children's Villages International, said that the ceremony was an opportunity for SOS Children's Village Hanoi to share and express their thanks for agencies, departments, and the companion of domestic and international benefactors. He hoped that the mothers and aunts of SOS Children's Village Hanoi will try their best to pass on their enthusiasm, passing on their positive life energy to the nurtured and mature children in the Village so that when children grow up, they will become useful citizens in society.
At the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha highly appreciated the achievements in the 30 years of building and maturing of SOS Children's Village Hanoi. The generations of teachers, staff, mothers and aunts of SOS Children's Village Hanoi are always united, constantly striving, creative, trying to overcome difficulties and challenges to complete their mission of caring for and nurturing orphans, abandoned children, children with difficult circumstances, these have significantly contributed to the performance of the tasks of the MOLISA sector when implementing social security policies well.
 Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha also emphasized the Government of Vietnam in general and the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs in particular noted and appreciated the kind of caring and nurturing of orphans and abandoned children under the replacement family model. At the current SOS Children's Village in Vietnam, this model is preeminent and consistent with the cultural traditions of the Vietnamese nation.
On this occasion, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha thanked Mr. Helmut Kutin and leaders of SOS Children's Villages International and donors around the world for contributing funds and sponsoring SOS Children's Villages Hanoi and SOS Children's Villages across the country. Such contributions and sponsors are very important for children with special circumstances.
The Deputy Minister hoped that all cadres, teachers, staff, mothers and aunts of SOS Children's Village Hanoi will always join hands, unite to help more and more children with special circumstances. Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha wanted the children who live and study at SOS Children's Village Hanoi, always obedient, study well, follow the example of grown-up siblings and always try to strive to become good children of Uncle Ho, an useful citizen for society.