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Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh receives Republic of Korean’s Ambassador to Vietnam


On June 10th, 2020, at the Ministry’s Head office, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh had a cordial meeting with the Delegation of Republic of Korean’s Embassy to Vietnam led by the Ambassador Park Noh-wan. At the meeting, the two sides shared the information on some issues focusing on promoting the cooperation relationship between the two countries on the fields of labour, employment, social insurance and the cooperated projects, programs…

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh highly appreciated the strategy, comprehensive, inclusive cooperation between ROK and Vietnam for recently. ROK is one of the most important partners of Vietnam and the cooperation between the two countries achieved many results on aspects of politic, economy, socio-culture.

In the discussing, Ambassador Park Noh-wan shared the consider to the promotion of cooperation between the two countries on people exchanging, labour issues etc… He said that the two countries should build the policies and mechanism to promoting the exchanging relationship in order to implement the cooperation programs effectively. The Ambassador hoped that the two sides would sign the Agreement which is deploying to create the movement to make the base of legal framework to promoting the labour cooperation relationship between Vietnam and ROK.
The Ambassador shared that currently, there are many Vietnamese people have lived and worked in ROK and many ROK’s peole also have lived and worked in Vietnam. He hoped that the Agreement on Social insurance between the two countries would be signed as soon as possible in order to help labourers feeling comfortable when working abroad. Moreover, the Ambassador Park Noh-wan recommend the new program – Vacation working program in ROK. Known as, currently, Vietnam has implement the Vacation working program with some countries, the Ambassador wanted the two countries to make the legal framework to make a chance for the youth exchanging, this will be a chance to exchange the culture between the two countries.
Besides this, the Ambassador also paid attention to the implementation of the signing ceremony for the extension of the MOU on EPS program between ROK and Vietnam.
Sharing with the Ambassador on the field of labour – employment, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh said that, though the impact of Covid -19 pandemic, the work of people exchanging among many countries has been limited, however, in the forthcoming time, the exchanging between ROK and Vietnam would be becomed normal as soon as possible. Vietnam has already issued the work permits for ROK’s labours, however, when immigrate into Vietnam, Labourers should complied with the medical quarantine as the requirement of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.
Responding to the Ambassador's concerns, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh emphasized that the bilateral Social Insurance Agreement between the two countries is a meaningful agreement for workers of both Vietnam and ROK which has attracted the attention of the Leaders of both nations. Currently, the two countries have come to negotiate and agree on a number of contents, and the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs has gathered and solicited opinions from the relating ministries and sectors. With the different issues, the Ministry is gathering to select appropriate contents to amend Vietnam's Social Insurance law. After reaching agreement and consulting with competent authorities, the two sides may implement the signing. Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh affirmed that the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs would carry out the preparation for the Agreement with the most positive, sincere and effective. The Deputy Minister assigned the Department of Social Insurance and the Department of International Cooperation to be the focal point for this work.
The Deputy Minister also fully agreed with the Ambassador about the Vacation Working program between Vietnam and ROK. Deputy Minister said that this is an opportunity for youth and cultural exchanging between the two countries, and both sides need to work in detail to build practical content in implementing this program. Deputy Minister said that with adequate information and possible ability, the two sides could sign the signing the cooperation of this program. Regarding the signing of extension of the MOU on the EPS program, Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh said that Vietnam really wants the two sides to sign an extension of this MOU soon.
Regarding the project to support the disadvantaged of KOICA in Vietnam, the Deputy Minister said that this project shows high humanity value when taking care of vulnerable people such as people with disabilities and Agent Orange's Victims and the poor ... The Deputy Minister affirmed that MOLISA fully supported this project, first of all it would be piloted in some provinces aiming to implement in other localities. The Deputy Minister hoped that the two sides would sign the agreement soon and implement it most effectively.
Deputy Minister Le Van Thanh hoped that Ambassador Park Noh-wan would continue to support and promote friendly cooperation activities between Vietnam and ROK in general. and labour, social security in particular ...