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The Prime Minister to chair National forum to discuss improving skills for Vietnamese labourer


According to a press conference chaired by Deputy Minister Le Quan on November 11th,  a National Forum "Improving skills for Vietnamese labour" with the topic: Enterprise accompany with renewing and improving vocational education quality will be held in Hanoi from November 15-16.  The events is co-organized by Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It is the first time, the Government, the Prime Minister has organized, chair a Forum on labour skill in Vietnam. The Forum is expected to attract more than 1,500 representatives from enterprises, big groups using many employees, experts on vocational education.

The Forum aims at affirming the vision and desiration in preparing the human resource owning knowledge, skill; the human resource contributing to improve the labour productivity, strengthen competitive capacity, meet the demand of the 4.0 industrial revolution. It will play an important role in building the start up country, help Vietnam escaping the average income trap, becoming the developed country in 2045; The Forum will send the message on the role, responsibilities of enterprise in the field of vocational education; shifting towards vocational education connected with business, based on the order of business and labour market.

The Forum will be a chance to assess the result of implementation of the Law on Vocational Education for 03 years of implementation; to boost  communication on the role of vocational education in society, community of business  in order to continue creating scale and quality of vocational education in Vietnam.
Participant will focus their discussions on the role played by skilled human resources in promoting labour productivity and national competitiveness; and the importance of innovating and improving manpower training to improve the skills of labourers.
Proposals at the forum will be the basis for relevant agencies to consider and take measures to improve the quality of Vietnam’s human resources.
The main activities of the Forum will be held with 3 sessions under the direction of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, including:

- The first session: Human resource owning skills - Key of improving labour productivity and strengthening national competitive capacity.

- The second session: Innovation and Improving vocational education equality -  The determining factor for improving labour skills in Vietnam.

- The third session: Enterprises accompany with innovation and improvement of vocational education quality.

Besides the main activities of the Forum, there are many relating activities.