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National Assembly deputies give opinions on revised Labour Code


The revised Labour Code will be the focus during the sitting of lawmakers on June 12 in the ongoing 7th session of the 14th National Assembly. The revision of the law aims to improve the socialist-oriented market economy’s institutions, promote development of the labour market and create a more flexible legal framework for recruiting and using employees.



It will also contribute to ensuring rights and legitimate interest of employees and employers, and improving competitiveness of Vietnamese labourers.
National Assembly deputies will give comments on extra time, plans to increase retirement age, representative organisation of labourers at the grassroots level, among others
Minister of Labour - Invalid and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung will present a report explaining National Assembly deputies’ opinions on the draft law
The lawmakers are also scheduled to debate the draft law on the entry and exit of Vietnamese citizens, which includes six Chapters and 40 Articles.