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Enhancing discussion and negotiation on signing the MOC on specified skills between Vietnam and Japan


On March 04th, 2019, at Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)'s Head office, Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep had a cordial meeting and working with the Director General of Consular Department, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attending the meeting were Leadership of the Department of Overseas Labour and Department of International Cooperation.

At the meeting, Mr. Tarumi informed Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep of the procedure of directly and indirectly meeting, discussing  between the Department of Overseas Labour of Vietnam and the functional units of Japan in the negotiation of the content in the MOC on specified skills between the two countries.

Discussing on the contents of MOC, Mr.Tarumi said that there would be the annex enclosed with the MOC in order to detailed regulation on the clear and strict standard to the receiving units of Japan. Only the receiving units meet the requirement of the Annex can receive foreign labourers.

The Director General of the Japanese Consular Department informed that, the cooperation program on specified skills of Japan identified nine partners, in which Vietnam and Philippines are two important partners. For Philippines, at the end of February, the two sides agreed on a basic draft of the Memorandum of Cooperation Program on specified skills labour and have been awaiting signing ceremony. Foreseen, The program will be implemented from April 1st this year. Therefore, the Japanese side wants Vietnam and Japan to negotiate and agree on the content of the draft in March, proceeding to sign the MOC.

The Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep thanks the Japanese Consulate General Director and highly appreciates the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan. The Deputy Minister says that the Program on technical trainees has been effectively deployed by the both sides. He hopes that the Cooperation Program on specified skills labour will be implemented well.

According to Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep, when personally discussing with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, members of House Representatives as well as House of Councillors and the Japanese Embassy to Vietnam around the issue of cooperation on Labour with Japan. The common point in the discussions is Vietnam's human resources are increasingly scarce, even the domestic enterprises are difficult to recruit workers. However, if they have a chance to go to Japan to work, this will be a really good opportunity for the labourers to have a realistic and stable environment to learn, improve skills, expertise, experience, practice many technology techniques, quality management methods, professional style working and Japanese language and having good income.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep informed that in April, MOLISA will sign with the Federal Republic of Russia an agreement on bringing Vietnamese labourers to work in the Russia. And maybe in April, the Federal Republic of Germany's Minister of Economy and Energy will visit to Vietnam and discuss with MOLISA about the possibility of signing a MOU to bring Vietnamese workers to work in the Federal Republic of Germany expanding into other industries besides nursing.

From the policy of the Government and the law of Vietnam, MOLISA will negotiate with the countries in sending and receiving labours in an organized manner to reduce all unwanted risks. Therefore, Vietnam and Japan need to negotiate together to issue the MOC in accordance with the laws of the two countries and the most comfortable way for Vietnamese workers to work in Japan.  

Finally, Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep hopes that the two sides will discuss in the spirit of building in order to complete the Memorandum of Cooperation Program on specified skills labour between Vietnam and Japan. This work shows the responsibility of the MOLISA of Vietnam and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan with employees and the responsibility of the two Governments in promoting and consolidating friendly cooperative relations between Vietnam and Japan.