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Minister Dao Ngoc Dung receives and works with the Delegation from Tyrol State, Austria


On February, 12, at the Ministry's Head Office, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung had a meeting and working with the Delegation from Tyrol state led by Mr. Günther Platter, Governnor of the state. Attending the meeting, representative from MOLISA were Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha, Leadership representatives from Department of International Cooperation, Department of Child Affairs, Ministry's Office, SOS Children Village Vietnam; the Delegation from Tyrol state were Mr. Thomass Schuller – Gotzburg, Austria Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Helmut Kutin, Honorary President of SOS Children's Village International, the Officials of Tyrol state, representatives from SOS Children's Village Austria, and the sponsors and the relevant units…

On the occasion of lunar new year, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung received the Delegation from Tyrol, Austria, the first International Delegation visiting MOLISA in this year. The Minister said that, 32 years ago, as the approvement of the Vietnamese Government, from the first foundation program was  2 SOS Children's Villages in Vietnam, currently, Vietnam has nearly 70 programs, projects at 17 provinces/cities on the whole country. The Minister higly appreciated the donation of SOS Children's Village International to SOS Children's Village Vietnam. He also affirmed that SOS Children's Village International is one of the most long-lasting and friendly partners.

The Minister also shared some brief information on the operation of SOS Children's Village Vietnam. He said that with the result achieved, Vietnamese Government appreciated the support of SOS Children's Village International and the Honorary President for Vietnam.

He also affirmed that Vietnam always have loved to children, the country has had the traditional sentence "children is the future of the nation, and the happiness of each family". Thus, Vietnam always bring the best and most beautiful thing to children. According to the Minister, Vietnam is in the the golden population era, currently, Vietnam has 26 million children, however, in which, 1.5 million children in special circumstances and 1.9 million children live in the difficult households.

At the meeting, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung affirmed that all donation resource and investment of SOS Children's Village International to SOS Children's Village Vietnam recently have been used effectively and tightly managed, monitored.  The Minister also thanked the Governor for his affection and support to SOS Children's Village Vietnam for the past time.

Answering the Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, the Governor thanked for the warm welcome and the kindness of the Minister. At the meeting, the Governor shared some general information on the development of the State in recently. He also shared some strong industries of Tyrol, especially, the tourism industry. Annually, the State receives more than 12 million tourists on the world, including Vietnamese tourists. He also said that the first challenge and duty were maintaining and developing the prosperity for all people and helping other people…

In this visit to Vietnam, the Governor has the strong impression with the development of Vietnam after the arduous war. According to the Governor, Vietnam has become the symbol for the peace movement on the world. Especially, he appreciates the hard-working people of Vietnam. He believes that Vietnam will have the bright future and an importance position on the world.

The Theme of this visit to Vietnam of the Delegation is enhancing the friendship cooperation between Vietnam and Austria in general and Vietnam with Tyrol State in particular, in that cooperation, the most important issue is education and training.  He hopes that in the future there will be the working group to care for the issue on training and education as well as the combined programs, educational training cooperation.

Sharing with the Governor, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that Vietnam and Austria have had the long-lasting friendship relationship. The Minister hoped that the Governor and Delegation would spend love and care for children in Vietnam in general and Children in SOS Children's Village Vietnam in particular. The Minister also hoped that the Governor and Mr. Kutin would give more recommendation to help SOS Children's Village Vietnam implement effectively it's functions. In the forthcoming time, the Ministry will strengthen the human resource in order to ensure the leading, direction, guidance and management of the SOS Village Vietnam.

About the training cooperation, the Minister said that Vietnam has defined that together with infrastructure, legislation, improving the human resource especially the high quality human resource had to be one of the 3 breakthrough stages. The Minister also agreed with the recommendation of the Governor on training cooperation and said that, MOLISA would have a discussion with Ministry of Education and Training in order to unify the information, cooperation towards establishing the working team for this issue in order to prepare to the signing cooperation at the Federal level or directly sign with the State.