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Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha receives CEO of Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood Organization’s Secretariat


On September 06th, 2018, at the Ministry's Head quarter, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha had a cordial meeting with Mr. Cliff Meyers – CEO of Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC)’s Secretariat. Attending the meeting were leadership representatives from the Department of International Cooperation, Department of Child Affairs and relevant unit under the Ministry.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha welcomed Mr. Cliff Meyers and his colleagues. She appreciated the closely cooperation between the two sides for the past time in the mutual interested fields, especially, the field of child care and protection.

The Deputy Minister affirmed that, in recent years, the work of child care, protection and education have always given attention by the Party, the State and had some important results. The Children’s Rights have been increasingly better implemented. Up to now, all children under 6 year old were issued free health insurance; nearly 100% children under 01 year old were participate into the  expanded vaccination; nearly 100% children under 5 year old access to preschool education; free of charge for Primary school children; about 90% children with special circumstance were beneficiaries of social protection policy.

Vietnamese legal documents, policies have a lot of regulations relating on the comprehensive early childhood development, such as: the Law on Child Affairs in 2016 regulated: “ comprehensive development of children are the development of full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential of children”, as well as stipulate the responsibilities of the State, society, and the sectors in the work of providing the comprehensive service for children… the ministries, sectors, localities… always pay attention to the development of children, however, the implementation have been providing service according to functional, duty of each field, there are not the system connected the services, and comprehensive support as the demand of children, especially, children at the mountainous, remote area, minority ethnic people.  

To overcome that limitation, with the support from UNICEF and international organizations, MOLISA has built and submitted to the Government for the approval of the Scheme “Caring for the comprehensive early childhood development at families and community in the period of 2018 – 2025” with the target of “ensuring for children from 0 – 8 year old developed comprehensively full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential; children equally access the support service for comprehensive development according to the age to ensure the Children’s right, and contribute to the national resource development…

Sharing at the meeting, Mr. Cliff Meyers introduced about some activities of ARNEC and recommended the organization of the annual conference on Asia – Pacific children development in 2019 in Vietnam with the aim at mobilizing the issue of children development to become one of important aspects in the Global agenda and to share the knowledge and practice on policies and programs. The Conference is an opportunity for the law makers and experts sharing the experience and learning the experience of implementation matching with the context of the global agenda at each country.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha informed further information about the organization of the Conference on Asia – Pacific children development in 2019 in Vietnam. She said that it is the meaningful and important event to Vietnam. However, the Deputy Minister said that ARNEC should carefully discuss on the issue relating on the content, responsibilities of each side, resource, place, time… of the conference… as well as the coordination of the sectors, international organizations…

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thi Ha hoped that the two sides would effectively cooperate in the coming time. As well as, she required the Department of Child Affairs and the Department of International Cooperation together with UNICEF and ARNEC to build the draft of the organization plan in order to promote the implementation of spreading of the effective models on comprehensive childhood development in the future.