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Vietnam attended the 102nd International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization


In the days from 5th to 20th June, 2013, the 102nd International Labour Conference (ILC 102) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) with the participation of over 5,000 delegates from 185 member countries took place in Geneva, Switzerland. The Vietnamese delegation led by Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs Pham Minh Huan had presentation at the plenary session of the General Assembly on 12 June, 2013.

    This Conference focused on discussing issues such as employment protection for the most vulnerable workers, expanding social dialogue and challenges of aging population.
     The Leader of the Vietnamese delegation highly appreciated the first report of the ILO Director-General, Mr. Guy Ryder at the International Labour Conference entitled "Towards the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the ILO: Realities, renewal and tripartite commitment ".
     Vietnam fully agree with the viewpoint of the report that the ILO should make every effort to support the most vulnerable people and the important work of the ILO in the new century is not to promote better work but it is to protect workers who are doing worst jobs Vietnam welcomes the ILO to make the report and discussion on "Social dialogue".
     Deputy Minister Pham Minh Huan said in Vietnam, social dialogue was stated in legal documents and enforced in practice. The modified Labor Code began to come into effect on 1st May 2013 and had a separate chapter on social dialogue especially, dialogue support between employees and employers at business level.
     The Vietnam Government has conducted many programs to enhance representative capacity, negotiation skills, promote dialogues and sign collective labour agreements, strengthen industrial relations institutions, apply new models to build harmonious industrial relations.
     Vietnam is on the way of amending and consolidating the labor law system. In the process of developing the labor law, Vietnam has been researching many conventions of the ILO to ratify and apply them to specific conditions of Vietnam.

     Promoting full, sustainable employment for everyone is also the priority of the countries in the ASEAN region. In the framework of the Action Plan (2010-2015) of the ASEAN Labour Ministers, Vietnam is promoting and implementing initiatives in the area of occupational safety and health, labor inspection, social security and decent work for all people.
     On the issue of aging population, Deputy Minister Huan said: Vietnam is having interests of demographics and will start the aging phase in the next three decades. This is an opportunity for Vietnam to promote economic development but it also poses big challenges in creating jobs, improving the quality of human resources. The Vietnam Government has paid special attention to the development of human resources, strengthening education, vocational training, occupational safety and health, medical care, especially for young population, the poor and other vulnerable groups.
     Besides job creation, Vietnam always advocates economic development together with ensuring social security for everyone. The government is researching and amending the Law on Social Insurance in the orientation of maintaining the sustainability of the social insurance fund; expanding insurance coverage, creating more favorable conditions for informal workers to participate in social insurance and diversifying forms of social insurance, social security.
     At the 100th Conference of the ILO, Vietnam was elected as an official member of the ILO Executive Board for the term of 2011-2014, reflecting the increasingly important position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena.