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MOLISA Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam receives Secretary General of Colombo Plan


On 4 March 2013, at MOLISA head office, Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam extends a warm reception to Mr. Adam Maniku, Secretary General of Colombo Plan. Attending the reception are representatives of Department of International Relations Department, Department of Social Evil Prevention and related departments.

     Colombo Plan - or Colombo Plan for Cooperative Economic & Social Development in Asia and the Pacific - is an initiative of the Great Britain’s foreign minister during the Commonwealth Conference of  Foreign Ministers, held in
Colombo, Sri Lanka, in January 1950 which was officially be effective from the 1st July 1951. The Colombo Plan was born to provide technical and economic assistance to developing countries in South and Southeast Asia. The key activity mechanism of the Plan is to maximize the funding from develop countries for carrying out training courses to plan country members in human resource development. Vietnam officially joined the Colombo Plan in 2001 and has carried out various activities for experience and information exchanges in areas of drug control, post give-up care to drug users, communication against drug abuse prevention.
     At the reception, Mr. Adam Maniku informs the Colombo Plan during the last 62 years has executed various projects in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific, for capacity building in different areas of agriculture, aquaculture production, drug control & detoxication …The Secretary General confirms that through 12 cooperation projects, he realizes Vietnam a being a member of great potentialities, with dynamic people with serious working style. The projects executed in Vietnam so far have gained practical results. He also informs MOLISA that a number of new programs recently be added to Colombo Plan, for instance assistant program to small and medium enterprises, assistant program to support single women… He proposes Vietnam to start related research works for further cooperation in the coming years.   
     On behalf of MOLISA, Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam express special thanks to the Secretary General and the Colombo Plan for their kind co-operations. He assesses that the Plan’s co-operative programs on technology exchange and human resource development have become more practical than ever, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development of the member countries, including Vietnam. Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam confirms to seriously consider the Secretary General’s suggestions and commits Vietnam’s proactive co-operation with other members & with the Plan’s Committee of Secretaries to have more meaningful contribution to the Plan.
     MOLISA Deputy Minister extends his best wishes to all delegation members and to the Colombo Plan for its ever strong and dynamic development. He also presents his best wishes for a more close and effective relationship between Vietnam and the Plan, its Committee of Secretaries, for a prosperous wealth of all Plan members.