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Striving to vocational training of new entrants for 1.9 million people in the whole country in 2013


In 2013, the vocational training institutions in the country will strive to recruit new vocational training for 1.9 million people, including vocational secondary and vocational colleges about 400 thousand people, vocational primary and vocational training under 3 months for 1, 5 million people, support vocational training for about 600 million rural workers, the rate of trained labour to 36% ...

     To accomplish this goal, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has proposed several solutions for implementation, including the organization well of implementation the Strategy development training in the   2011 - 2020 period, project of innovation and vocational training development to 2020, project on training for highly skilled technical team of the industrialization and modernization of the country and schemes on support funds for vocational training; To further improve the management mechanism of the State of vocational training towards clearly defining the functions, tasks, authority, associated with responsibility and strengthen the inspection and examination; Ensure the supervision of the State and socio-political organizations and people; Promote the application of information technology in vocational training and vocational training management, building database on vocational training.
     Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs will continue to direct the review, additional adjustment training network planning with scale &   structure of qualification by 2020 in line with the strategy of socio-economic development country, sector, regional, sub-regional which is suitable the demand of technical labour high quality for the domestic labour market, labour export and labour restructuring; Development of vocational colleges, intermediate vocational training schools having vocational training capacity of some industry-standard occupations at national, regional and international levels in accordance with the approved plan; Development of vocational training centers at the primary vocational level, training less than three months to universal vocational training and re-training for workers, help create jobs, improve labour productivity, labour restructuring, especially rural workers and ethnic minorities;
     Along with doing that is to strengthen the propaganda to change social's perceptions about vocational learning & career development issues, information for people to know about the effectiveness of training activities, training results on the websites; Formation of the department responsible for counseling, vocational guidance for people to learn. At the same time, strengthen international cooperation on vocational training, selection of a strategic partner in the field of vocational training is the training success in developing countries in Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Asian countries (Malaysia, Korea, Japan),  EU (such as the Federal Republic of Germany, the UK) and North America. Cooperation with ASEAN countries towards recognition of skills across countries, towards the ASEAN Community by 2015; To strengthen scientific cooperation on vocational training, research and application of scientific achievements and advanced training technologies to improve the quality of vocational training; Actively participate in the cooperative activities of vocational training, encourage the vocational training institutions in the country to expand cooperation, joint training with other training institutions abroad; To continue in creating favorable legal framework to attract investors, foreign enterprises to develop high-quality vocational training, vocational training cooperation in Vietnam; Especially implement comprehensive and effective the project to renovate and develop vocational training, scheme for rural workers under the National Target Program on Employment - Vocational training period 2012 - 2015.