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Cooperation on training with Republic of Korea to improve the quality of human resources


On August 13th, 2019, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs and JeoJu University - ROK held a seminar on training cooperation between JeoJu University - ROK and some  Vocational Training College in Vietnam in order to discuss about trends, needs and experiences of enterprises and Vietnam-Korea Vocational College on vocational training associated with employment and introducing JeoJu University - ROK, associative training program, with a special focus on engineering.

According to Mr. Le Anh Duc - Principal of Dong Nai High-Tech College, the connection between enterprises and vocational schools so far has mainly brought students to practice, very few businesses have participated in developing the output standards.

“There are many barriers here, so businesses are not interested in training cooperation. Calling businesses to participate in the training process is very difficult. Part of the reason is that the standards of the business are very strict, partly because the standards of teachers are prescribed by the state such as having to have degrees and certificates as prescribed ... This is really a problem for enterprises want to directly participate in training human resources ”- Mr. Le Anh Duc said.
Meanwhile, the representative of LG Display Hai Phong Company - a joint venture with ROK, said that the recruitment criteria of the company for employees is to be fluent in foreign languages ​​(English or Korean), the ability to work in the Korean environment, having knowledge, understanding of Korean culture, good at practicing. This is a very strict criterion, requiring candidates to receive basic training in an environment connected with ROK, which is also a subjective requirement that makes it difficult for vocational schools to meet. Most businesses often look for "available" candidates rather than training from the beginning.
According to representatives from the school, most vocational schools focus on training the businesses that need or order, these are basic jobs, popular in the locality. As for international-level and high-quality careers, businesses recruit graduates who do not want to participate in training. There are people who describe "businesses and schools as two people going from South to North and vice versa, but do not meet at one point because two people go two different ways".
Mr. Do Van Giang - Director of Department of Formal Training,  Directorate of Vocational Education emphasized the building of 3-parties relationship in training associated with enterprises, namely the State, entrepreneurs and schools. In fact, ROK has been very successful with this mechanism and Vietnam is also gradually forming and following to boost businesses and schools shake hands with each other, understand each other better and the beneficiaries will include students. However, according to Mr. Do Van Giang: "We have many Decrees regulating training links, but it is still not really clear, there are still many bottlenecks that businesses are not keen on vocational education."
About Jeonju University in ROK, Ryu In-Pyong - Head of the International Relations Department of the school said: Originating from the corporations Samsung, LG, Hanhwa constantly seeking Vietnamese workers, while the number of a large number of young and educated Vietnamese workers are still looking for work, many of them unemployed. "Why is the gap remained?" - Mr. Ryu In-Pyong put the issue and affirmed, the key is to solve the problem of "necessary" education quality. Sharing the school's experience, Mr. Ryu In-Pyong affirmed that the school has relations with 29 countries, 174 universities, including Vietnam Irrigation University, Thai Nguyen University, CTC6 Vocational School, VTC ... The training programs are taught by executives directors, Korean professors, and professors hired by the school; in which students will learn Korean business culture, majors and the Korean language, along with intensive courses. The cooperation with vocational schools, including Vietnam will help students immediately meet the requirements of the job after graduation.