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MOLISA Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam receives Secretary General of the Communist Party of Portugal


On 3 March 2013 at MOLISA head office, Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam has a warm reception and a discussion on social issues with the high-level delegation of the Communist Party of Portugal which headed by Jeronimo Carvelho de Sousa, Secretary General of the Party. Attending the reception are leaders of Department of International Relations, Department of Social Protection and representatives of concerned units of MOLISA.

     Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam extends his appreciation to the traditional good relationship between the two parties and the two people. Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam confirms that the Communist Party and the people of Vietnam have focused on the fight of the Communist Party of Portugal and the Portugal people for civil rights, democracy and social progress.
     Sharing his view on experiences and results of social policy implementation in Vietnam, MOLISA Deputy Minister informed the delegation that the Communist Party of Vietnam has focused on the development of a sustainable society since it foundation. Therefore, the assurance of social security has received due attention and being legalized by legislation and policies. MOLISA, with its function of performing state management over employment and social issues, has implemented various programs which aim at bringing happiness to people. Among the programs, the National Target Program of Sustainable Poverty Elimination has been implemented with focus aimed at mobilizing resources to support the poor, especially the disadvantage groups, by providing credit to support their vocational training and business development, thus increase income to stabilize daily life.  
     With such social policies, annually Vietnam could provide occupational training service to 1.6 to 1.8 million people. In recent years, despite impacts of the economic crisis worldwide, the unemployment percentage of Vietnam remained under 4%. On the area of poverty reduction, the percentage of poor family in Vietnam is 10%, compared to 50% of the last 1990s. Social security policies ensure stable living conditions to people with prominent contribution to the nation and those of disadvantage groups, with 100% of the first group having equal or better living conditions compared to their community people; 2.5 million people of the disadvantage groups, i.e. the elderly, the disabled and children in specially difficult conditions are receiving support within the framework of social security policies.
     In addition, the systems of social insurance, medical insurance and pension fund have been developed. Presently, the pension insurance covers over 25% of the country’s manpower, and nearly 56 million people, or 60% of the population, are covered by medical insurance, with 40% are financed by government, including the poor, people with prominent contribution to the nation, children under 6 and 2.5 million people of disadvantage groups). Vietnam is planning to cover 100% of population in medical health area.
   Secretary General Jerónimo Carvalho de Sousa presents warm congratulation to Vietnam’s success in implementation of social policies and expresses his admire to the tradition of fighting for national liberation as well as significant achievements in the course of Doi moi and construction of socialism under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. He also expresses sincere belief that Vietnam’s effort should successfully settle social issues to build a society of fairness, equality, a society of sustainable development.
     On behalf of MOLISA, Deputy Minister Nguyen Trong Dam thanks the people of Portugal for their warm sentiments. He also shares that despite important initial outcomes in implementation of social policies, there are challenges ahead due to limited skills and knowledge of the labour force, un-balanced workforce with over 60% of agriculture sector, success in poverty elimination are not sustainable… All of that make Vietnam unable to meet demands of the course of modernization and industrialization. Deputy Minister hopes that Vietnam would receive further assistance and experience sharing from Portugal to build a happy & wealthy life to the Vietnamese.