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Post-Lunar New Year festival labour demand rises


Ho Chi Minh City needs 45,000 permanent and 8,000 seasonal workers in February and March, according to the HCM City Centre for Labour Market and Manpower Forecasting.

     The Centre cited analysis by management agencies and social-economic research institutes as saying the city’s labour market will remain stable in the first quarter of 2013.

     Some labour intensive sectors like textile and garments, food processing and services are likely to face worker shortages.

      Most workers required by the labour intensive enterprises are unskilled labourers and semi-skilled workers.

     In February, enterprises in the city are set to hire 15,000 workers for permanent jobs. Around 30,000 workers will be hired in March for production and business development, the Centre said.

    It said demand for workers, skilled and unskilled, is likely to rise in the mechanical engineering, refrigeration, architecture, construction, plastics, property, textiles, leather and footwear industries.

     The demand for unskilled labourers, semi-skilled workers and those with college degrees and higher qualifications is expected to rise by 35, 40 and 25 percent respectively.

      The Centre said labour demand will be higher than the first quarter in second and third quarters.
   Some 70,000 new jobs in various sectors including mechanics, information technology, human resource management, marketing and other hi-tech sectors are likely to be created in each quarter.