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Dong Nai province: Provide good legal tools to workers


A province with a large number of workers working at industrial zones, activities of Dong Nai trade union are active but difficult. However, hard conditions in a tough environment are also a good kick for initiatives and positive practices, Dong Nai has successfully built up a “ model of legal information provision to workers”, and through that has actively protect legitimate rights and interests of workers.

Support worker to gain a payment for a claim of VND 6 billion
     According to Mr. Huynh Tan Kiet, Chairman of Dong Nai Trade Union Confederation, Dong Nai has 31 industrial parks with nearly 700,000 workers, including 500,000 workers of the service sector and trading. And therefore effective actions of the trade union to protect workers’ legitimate rights and interests have created positive image of the trade union system and built up a trust among employers and employees, contributing to the stable employment relations in the province.
     A front force of Dong Nai trade union confederation is the Center for Employment Legal Consultation, which possesses a competent staff of experienced lawyers in the employment related areas. The Dong Nai trade union has either directly or indirectly support 90,000 workers and have successfully claim a total sum of VND 6 billion payment to workers by related enterprises.
     As informed by Madam Nguyen Thi Thu Nguyet, Director of the Center for Employment Legal Consultation, the center has set up a widespread system of employment legal service points where workers could receive legal consultation services. Capable workers are selected and trained by the trade union to be the key legal “advisors”. They are those directly involved in labour disputes and with the trained legal knowledge, their consultation to their workmates normally “straight to the point”.
     The Dong Nai trade union strongly pushes up their legal consultation service to individual workers through hundreds of mobile consultation meetings to over 30,000 workers, training over 600 “legal advisors” on key legal employment issues.
Actively arrange boarding houses to workers
      At present, Dong Nai is hard to find ways to provide boarding houses to nearly 280 thousand workers and the Dong Nai trade union actively collaborates with concerned authorities to find the solutions. In Dong Nai, there are undergoing 72 projects of boarding houses construction to workers, once completed could provide shelters to 20,000 workers. Among these projects, there are 5 projects of Bien Hoa city, 7 projects of Long Thanh district, 3 projects of Trang Bom district, and 3 projects of Nhon Trach district completed.
     There are various enterprises and companies involved in house construction projects in  Dong Nai, including Vedan Vietnam, Plastic TPC, Timber Great Veca, Choong Nam company… One of a good project which provides workers with good houses is that of Formosa Vietnam. The campus of the company could provide good-standard houses to 2,000 workers for each flat, with ATM facility, kitchen and dining areas, barber shops, sport facilities. In Song May industrial park (Ho Nai 3 commune, Trang Bom district) there are 3 blogs of 4-story buildings with kindergartens spread-out over an area of 4 hectare. The living quarter belongs to worker of Phong Thai Group which specialized on Nike sport shoes.
     Dong Nai trade union also get donation for a charity fund of over VND 3.5 billion, contributed by public officials and employees of the province, for construction of charity houses. Branch trade union units also raise the charity fund for support those in disadvantage conditions with amount given to individual cases of 20 to 50 billion dong. Dong Nai trade union also helps construction of 76 houses, named “heartfelt shelters” which value over 2 billion and given to free-interest loans to female workers when they have financial difficulties in their lives.