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Department of Overseas Labour


Dang Si Dung
Pham Viet Huong
Nguyen Gia Liem
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                  No. 1638/QD-LDTBXH                                                           Hanoi, the 17th October 2017
On Roles, Responsibilities, Duties, Authorities and Organization
of Department of Overseas Labour

Pursuant to the Law of the Government Organization dated 19th June 2015;

Pursuant to the Decree No. 123/2016/ND-CP of the Government, dated  01st September 2016, which stipulates roles, duties, authorities and organization structures of Ministries and Ministerial-level organizations;

Pursuant to Decree No. 14/2017/ND-CP of the Government, dated 17th February 2017, which  stipulates roles, duties, authorities and organization structures of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs;

Upon the proposal of the Director General of the Department of Personnel & Organization


Article 1. The Department of Overseas Labour is a unit of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, has the responsibilities and duties to assist the Minister in performing the state management role over the area of the Vietnamese working overseas in line with laws.

 The Department’s official English name in external relations is the Department of Overseas Labour, in short is DOLAB.

Article 2. The Department of Overseas Labour performs the following duties

1. Carrying out research works and submitting to the Ministry

a) Draft laws, ordinances and other types of legal documents relating to the Vietnamese working overseas under contracts;

b) Strategies, programs, long-term and annual plans, projects and planning of sending the Vietnamese workers to work overseas in labour contracts; schemes and policies applied to Vietnamese working overseas under contract.

c) Agreements, documents of negotiations on Vietnamese workers working overseas signed between Vietnam and foreign countries, foreign territories and international organizations.

d) Standards, procedures, criteria, economic-technical rates applied to organizations that provide public service in the area.

dd) Providing regulation on the content, program and training certification for Vietnamese labour before working abroad under contract.

2. Providing information, performing communication activities on legal issues on Vietnamese working overseas as required by the Ministry.

3. Providing guidelines and monitoring the implementation of Government’s & the Ministry’s regulations applied to Vietnamese working overseas under contract.

4. Carrying out research works on orientations, solutions to stabilize and develop the overseas labour market.

5. Carrying out assessment & submitting to the Ministry for granting, re-granting and withdraw of business licenses to service entities that send Vietnamese to work overseas under contracts.

6. Conducting and providing guidelines for contract registration of individuals to work overseas in individual contracts, making reports on Vietnamese working overseas; monitoring activities of providing labour to overseas in contracts of entities and individuals.

7. Setting up and providing guidelines to implementation of training plans for workers working overseas; managing the training activities for the Vietnamese working overseas as specified by laws.

8. Managing & organizing activities to protect legitimate rights and interests of the Vietnamese workers and solving any issues related to the workers working overseas under contracts.

9. Taking part in vocational & skill training provided to officials, public and civil servants working in the areas of sending Vietnamese to overseas labour market as specified by law.

10. Collecting, managing and using incomes generated from sending workers working overseas as specified by law.

11. Performing roles of auditing and inspection over activities of sending Vietnamese workers overseas under contract.

12. Performing propaganda, communication or introduction activities on the local human resource and capacity of providing local manpower to foreign labour markets. Collecting and sharing best practices and good examples in the field of manpower supply under contract.

13. Set up database Updating, collecting statistics on Vietnamese working overseas as assigned by the Ministry.

14. Providing guidelines to and monitoring activities and operation of the Management Boards of Overseas Labour in overseas offices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Government bodies.

15. Managing associations, organizations  and NGOs operating in the field of overseas labour supply under contract in line with laws.

16. Taking part in research works on policies and schemes applied to officials, public servants who work in the area.

17. Doing scientific, implement the international cooperation in the field of Vietnamese labourers working abroad under contracts.

18. Coordinating and cooperating with the Department of Planning & Finance in providing professional guidelines to Overseas Worker Support Fund.

19. Monitoring, compiling & evaluating, making periodical and incident reports on overseas labour activities under contract.

21. Managing public and civil servants, physical assets, financial resources as specified by laws and the Ministry. 

22. Performing any other tasks requested by the Ministry.

Article 3. The Department’s Organization

1. The Department has one Director General and a number of Deputy Directors General.

2. Functional divisions:

  1. Division of Taiwan and America;
  2. Division of Republic of Korea, West Asia and Africa;
  3. Division of Japan, Southeast Asia;
  4. Division of  Inspectorate and Legal Affairs;
  5. Division of Information and Communication;
  6. Division of Planning-Finance;
  7. Department Office;

Article 4. The Department Director General 's duties include setting up and responsible for the execution of the Department’s working relation regulations; specifying roles and duties of the functional sections; managing and specifying tasks and works within the department staff to ensure the completion of the assigned duties and tasks.

Article 5. The Department has its own seal, account and performs as an independent legal entity.

Article 6. This Decision comes into force from the date of signing and supersedes the Decision No.1012/QD-LDTBXH dated 08 July 2013 signed by the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs.

Article 7. The Chief of the Ministry Office, Director General of the Department of Personnel & Organization, Director General of the Department of Planning - Finance, Director General of the Department of Overseas Labour and heads of the related units bear full responsibility for implementation of this Decision.

                                                                                                                             THE MINISTER
                                                                                                                           Signed and sealed
                                                                                                                             Dao Ngoc Dung