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Ministry Office


                  AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS                                              Independence - Freedom - Happiness
                  No. 1698/QD-LĐTBXH                                                       Hanoi, the 25th October, 2017
On Roles, Responsibilities, Duties, Authorities and Organization
of Department of Ministry Office

Pursuant to the Law of the Government Organization dated 19th June 2015;

Pursuant to the Decree No. 123/2016/ND-CP of the Government, dated  01st September 2016, which stipulates roles, duties, authorities and organization structures of Ministries and Ministerial-level organizations;

Pursuant to Decree No. 14/2017/ND-CP of the Government, dated 17th February 2017, which  stipulates roles, duties, authorities and organization structures of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs;

Upon the proposal of the Director General of the Department of Personnel & Organization


Article 1. The Office of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (herein after referred to as the Ministry Office) is a unit of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, has the responsibilities and duties to advise and synthesize the working programs, plan of the Ministry; and  assist the Minister in synthesizing, monitoring and supporting organizations, offices, units of the Ministry to implement Ministry 's action plans and programs; to implement the work of emulation and reward, communication; administrative reforming; administrative procedure controlling; to deploy the one – stop- shop mechanism in accordance with the regulation of law; to carry out activities of administration, archives, management of assets, financial resources, ensuring that working conditions, in kind and cash, are available for smooth operation of the Ministry and the work of internal management.

The Ministry Office has its own seal and account and performs as an independent legal entity as specified by laws.

Article 2. The Ministry Office has the following duties

1. Synthesizing, developing the program, plan of the Ministry; summiting to the Ministry to assign the units under the Ministry, sector implementation of the duties assigned by the State's & Party's through resolutions, plans, programs and other documents issued by the State and Party in the responsibilities of the Ministry, others tasks according to the direction, operation of the Ministerial Leaders and organizing monitoring, inspecting, urging the implementation.

2. Compilation and setting up report on  the work of direction, operation, working plans and programs and other duties of the Ministry, report the results of implementation of the duties assigned of the units under the Ministry in order to the Ministrial Leaders consider, direct and operate.

3. Doing the duties of secretary, assisting the Minister, and Deputy Ministers

4. Being the focalpoint assists the Minister in coordination of preparation activities for national assembly debate and Q&A on issues within the authorities of the Ministry.

5. Being the focal point for communication connection and arrangement of inter-ministry, inter-sectoral activities or activities jointly conducted by various political-social organizations or the people's committees of provinces as authorized by the Government.

6. Collaborating with related units in preparation of contents, programs of meetings, working sections of the ministry leaders; preparing meeting minutes, issuing conclusions of meetings and working sections of the Ministry Leaders (in the case required by the chairs of the meetings or working sections).

7. Emulation – Reward:

a) Setting up programs, plans and contents for competition and reward launching among units of the Ministry, the sector and the implementation guiding documents;

b) Supporting the Minister in managing, monitoring and auditing over the emulation and rewards activities within the Ministry's and the sector's units.

c) Supporting the Minister in implementation of her/ his role as a member of the Central Council of Emulation and Rewards Honour.

d) Utilizing and managing the use of the Ministry’s Fund of Emulation and Rewards.

e) Acting as a permanent member of the Ministry’s & Sector's Council of Emulation and Rewards Honour; implementing activities of a member of the Council of Emulation & Rewards Honours of the ministries and sectors of social-cultural-scientific block.

8. Information – Communication:

a) Being the coordinator and in collaborating with the media to implement the local and international communication and propaganda activities on activities of the Ministry and the sector of labour and social affairs;

b) Assisting the Minister in collection of the media news and information on activities of the Ministry and sector; implementing the statute of statement as regulation.

c) Being the coordinator and in collaborating with the relevant units to organize the press conference, press briefing regularly or irregularly on the fields of the Ministry;

d) In collaboration with the Center of Information & other related units to implement information activities of the Ministry’s areas on Ministry's Portal.

9. Being the focalpoints in implementing the Ministry’s administrative reforming; implementing the duties of administrative procedure control, carrying out the one – stop – shop mechanism in processing the administrative procedures in accordance with the regulation of law and Ministry’s assignments.

10. Monitoring and organizing activities of administration, archives, implementing confidentiality regulations on secret document management in the Ministry and its units; auditing the implementation of procedures for approval, signature, issuance of administrative and legal documents signed by the ministry leaders; managing the activities of the Ministry library.

11. Ensuring orders & disciplinary measures are maintained as stipulated in the Ministry Working regulations, managing working hours and conducting ministerial conferences as signed by the Ministry and as specified by laws.

12. Ensuring the equipment, working conditions of the Ministry; general serving for the activities of the Ministry and the work of internal management.

13. Implementing activities of fire fighting and prevention, environment protection, prevention of natural disasters, diseases control and fighting, providing medical and health service to the Ministry, conducting activities of the self defense force of the Ministry; acting as the chief of the military command of the Ministry.

14. Managing the facilities – technologies, assets, financial resources of the Ministerial agencies; conducting financial and accounting procedures of the Ministry, being a secondary financial/ budgeting organ of the Ministry.

15. In collaborating with the Ministry's Union to take care of the spiritual and material life of the Ministry's employees and officials in line with policies of the Ministry & State.

16. Managing the Ministry Office's employees and officials as required by laws and authorized by the Ministry.

17. Performing other duties as assigned by the Ministry or regulated by law.

Article 3. Organization of the Ministry Office

1. The Ministry Office has a Chief Director and Deputy Directors, officials and employees.

2. Functional divisions include:

a) Division of General Affair;

b) Division of Administration;

c) Division of Emulation and Reward;

d) Division of Communication;

e) Division of administrative reforming, administrative procedure controlling (Transferred from the Department of Legal Affairs);

f) Division of Accounting & Finance;

g) Division of Security and Self defense;

h) Division of Management;

i) Division of Management in D25 Working Block (shortly as Division of Management D25);

k) Vehicle fleet;

l) Representative Office of the Ministry in Ho Chi Minh City;

m) Guest house (functional unit);

n) Guest house for the Country Devotees (functional unit)

Article 4. The Chief Director of the Ministry Office 's duties include issuance and implementation of working relation regulations and procedures of the Ministry Office; specifying roles and duties of the functional divisions under the Ministry Office; managing and specifying tasks and works within the Ministry office staff to ensure the completion of the assigned duties and tasks.

Article 5. This decision comes into force from the date of signing, and supersedes the Decision No. 989/ QD-BLD-TBXH dated 01 July 2013 of the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs on Role, Responsibility, Duty, Authority and Organization structure of the Ministry Office.

Article 6. The Chief Director of the Ministry Office, the Director General of the Department of Organization & Personnel, the Director General of the Department of Planning - Finance and the heads of the related units bear full responsibility for implementation of this Decision.

                                                                                                                             THE MINISTER
                                                                                                                           Signed and sealed
                                                                                                                             Dao Ngoc Dung